Olive groves


Our Business is inspired and creates from the blessed olive tree. Our privately owned olive groves,
200,000 square meters are located in the village of Gramenitsa Artas, in a place semimountainous and rocky where the unique variety thrives P.G.I. Konservolia Artas.
We grow our trees with the traditional, special techniques of our region and always with respect to nature. We wait patiently for the ripe of the olive fruit on the tree until harvest.
The olive harvest is done by hand, so that trees and fruits are not injured, so that they can to yield all their nutrients without alterations.
The unique natural environment, the specific climatic conditions of the region and the traditional way of cultivation, give the superior quality and unique characteristics of our products. 

 In our cultivation, a collaboration with nature develops every day, and we work continuously, in the direction of research and innovation, with respect to the consumer with the main objective of achieving the highest quality. That is why we have turned the olive groves into organically grown, which are in transition.