Our company created in 2016 its new high tech facilities for the processing and standardization of the olive fruit, health and safety of our products. We are able to produce a variety of products of variety  KONSERVOLIA ARTAS      and KALAMATA olives such as whole edible, detonated, stuffed, shredded and as paste    (olive pate).                                                                    We package our products in glass jars and in  pet Jars packs of various sizes and in various stages of maturation, such as green, blonde and black. 

Our concern is the combination of traditional production methods with modern technological means for the best result in our products. 
In view of this
our company acquired vending machines and created four lines of processing and standardization of olives and products:
1.      The processing line of the fresh olive.
2.   The pitting and sliceing line.
3.   The olive paste production line.
4.      The standardisation line.